Mouth-watering Indian Cuisine in Bridgnorth - Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant Specials Menu

Himalaya Tandoori Restaurant in Bridgnorth                  SPECIAL RECOMMENDED MEALS           
Sylheti Special Fish £11.95 

 To all our customers on Weight watchers

Murgi Masalam (Chicken Breast Portion Delicately Spiced, Minced Lamb and Egg with Crushed Almonds) £9.95 

 Lose weight and still enjoy the taste of delicious Indian cuisine...

Shahi Korma (Cooked with Mango, Cream, Nuts & Sultanas) £9.95 

Try David’s Special Recommended Low Calorie Meal...

Kuka Special (Cooked with Cucumber, Tomato etc.)  £9.95  Selected Chicken Breast Fillet Strips 
Kary Josh (Fairly Hot)  £9.95  Marinated with Fresh Herbs and Spices 
Lamb Pasanda (Cooked with Cream & Crushed Almonds)  £11.95  Carefully Baked in a Clay Oven 
Butter Chicken (Cooked with Cream & Yoghurt)  £9.95  Served with Indian Vegetables 
Chicken Chilli Masalam (Hot)  £9.95   £12.95 
Chicken Makhani  £10.95 
Balti Chicken (Spicy, Hot)  £9.95 
Balti Meat (Spicy Hot)  £10.95 
Balti Prawn (Spicy, Hot)  £10.95 
Chicken Jalfrezi  £9.95 
Garlic Murog  £9.95 
David’s Special King Prawn
(with Mouth-watering Sauce)
Mach Kalia (Fish)  £10.95 
Mach Khakri (Fish)  £10.95 
Mach Biran (Fish)  £10.95 
Sweet, Sour, Hot, Served with Pilau Rice 
Meat Dansak  £11.95 
Chicken Dansak  £10.95 
Prawn Dansak  £11.95 
King Prawn Dansak  £12.95